Strategy Call Preparation


During our 60- to 90-minute strategy call, we’ll discuss far more than your past experience and career history. This will be a collaborative information-gathering session that will allow me to create an original and compelling brand for you, your job search, and your personal marketing documents. Here are a few points for you to consider before our meeting:


  • Are you targeting specific industries? Do you have specific organization(s) or position title(s) in mind?

  • What makes you different from other candidates in terms of the value you bring to the workplace, or perhaps a unique approach that you bring to your positions?

  • Do you have a passion or talent for a particular task?

  • What do you love (or like the most) about your work?


  • Thinking back on your career, what were your three most notable or impressive accomplishments?

  • Consider your contributions or achievements at each position. What challenges did you overcome? What were the results? I'll ask about your most recent and relevant positions to pull together stories, challenges, or accomplishments that had a positive outcome for the company or team.

  • Be prepared for questions about quantifiable details: How much? How many? How often? When? Where? Why? How quickly were you promoted? How many people did you lead? Keep in mind that in most fields, tangible information ($, %, #) will help you stand out from the competition—and show potential employers that you have what it takes to propel the organization toward its goals.


If you haven’t already, please email a copy of your old resume or LinkedIn profile URL at least one business day before our call. Your existing document or profile does not need to be complete (or even attractive)! I would just like to review your information so I can prepare relevant questions about your background and achievements. 

Also, if I have details about your experience, education, etc. prior to our conversation, I won't need to request basic facts during our call. This gives us more time to talk about more in-depth and important topics, such as your career goals and value.

If you don't have a current resume (or LinkedIn profile), please send me an email at with the following information:

  • Chronological listing of your employment – company names, locations, position titles, and dates

  • Overview of your responsibilities/duties in each position

  • A few achievements for each role, particularly the most recent ones

  • List of your educational degrees, credentials, and applicable training programs

  • Board positions and affiliations, if relevant