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Compelling Resumes, LLC helps executives and professionals stand out from the crowd by infusing energy, clarity, and originality into their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. The result? New and better jobs. Respected board seats. Higher salaries.

Terms and Conditions

By making a purchase from Compelling Resumes, you are agreeing to the following

Phone consultation and timeline: Once your payment is processed, I’ll contact you to set up a phone consultation (I typically schedule calls Mondays through Thursdays between 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time). Your new document(s) will be delivered as Microsoft Word file(s) within 15 days of our phone consultation, unless I request additional information for your project, or you are quoted a different timeline. All work will be completed within the time frame you are provided, subject to acts of God, mechanical failures, or other occurrences outside of my control.

Appointment cancellation fee: A cancellation fee applies to rescheduled or cancelled phone calls.

Questionnaire timeline (for certain update projects and special services): Once I receive your payment, I'll email a questionnaire for you to complete, and I’ll request a copy of your existing resume. If I don’t receive your filled-out questionnaire within 90 days, I’ll email a first draft based on your current resume, correspondence, and/or my own knowledge of your industry or career. From there, you will have 14 days to send up to two rounds of revision before your project will be considered complete. Future revisions will require additional payment.

Revisions: Unless other arrangements are made, I provide revisions for a period of 14-60 days after emailing your first draft(s), depending on your project. See my Pricing page and review your invoice for details about your project. Once your revision period has passed, I will assume that you are satisfied with your new documents, I’ll send final copies, and your project will be considered complete.

Approval of final document versions: I make every effort possible to deliver drafts and final versions without spelling, grammar, or other errors. However, you are solely responsible for proofreading and verifying all content. I accept no liability and no further responsibility once I send the final documents. Future revisions, additions, and documents will incur additional fees.

No guarantee of results: I do not guarantee employment or job search success, as our work together is just part of your process. I do not independently verify information you provide such as employment history, skills, or education, and I accept no responsibility or liability for incorrect information.

Electronic files: Due to the varying nature of computer systems and software, I cannot guarantee compatibility with your systems, or that documents will retain original formatting or appear perfectly on every computer. I will take every step to ensure your satisfaction, however, I cannot provide technical support, and you may need to research and find solutions independently.

In addition, I do not guarantee the results of resume distribution services in any way, including the number of recruiting, venture capital, and/or private equity firms that receive your resume, or the responses of those organizations.

Price quotes: Prices quoted in invoices or email messages are valid for 30 days.

Price increases: After you pay your invoice, if you do not participate in our phone consultation within six months of the payment date, you will be charged for increases in pricing that have occurred during this time. The additional amount must be paid before proceeding with your project.

Project cancellation policy: You may cancel your order within 24 hours of purchase.

No refund policy: Your project will be prepared with care, expertise, and attention to detail. Because of the time, effort, and personalization involved in reviewing information, designing formats, writing original documents, and distributing resumes (when applicable), all services are non-refundable.

Privacy: I maintain the highest level of professionalism and keep all client projects, conversations, and materials strictly confidential. Your information or files will not be sold or shared with any party other than appropriate members of my team, who have signed confidentiality agreements. If you order my resume distribution service, your final resume, e-note, and search criteria will be handled by an outside partner, and distributed to hundreds or thousands of recruiters (by design). Please see my Privacy Policy for more information.