I hesitated to use an executive resume service because I thought my old resume told a good, progressive story and a positive view of my accomplishments over the past 25 years. I’d based my old resume on templates I found online many years earlier, and I’d simply added new roles as I progressed in my career.

In going through Eve’s process—which includes reflecting and elaborating on my accomplishments—it became obvious that I’d been selling myself short. I was using an outdated tool to tell my professional story. But the resume Eve made is a reflection of who I am today, and how I got to this point

I sent a copy of Eve’s initial draft to a friend in a global recruitment firm, and he responded immediately with a position that’s an ideal fit. While same-day opportunities may not happen for every executive job seeker, Eve made it possible for me.

If you’re on the fence about hiring an executive resume writer, you should know that you can expect and trust Eve to create a strong tool to tell your story. Your new document will align with your career vision, it will put your best foot forward, and it will make you stand out from the competition."

A.M., Senior Executive, Telecom/Technology

“I recently accepted a role as President of an owner/operator construction company that focuses on senior housing and commercial buildings. This is precisely the kind of opportunity I was looking for when I reached out to Eve—and there is no question that the resume and LinkedIn profile she created made all the difference in my landing this position. In fact, the recruiter found me through my LinkedIn profile!

Eve knows how to create compelling, personalized documents. Plus, she’s a consummate professional and a true pleasure to work with.”

M.S., President/CFO, Real Estate Development

“Eve surpasses the industry when it comes to innate creativity, thought, and writing skills.”

M.H., Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

“I am blown away by your work. When we first spoke I said I wanted to clean out the closet and get a new wardrobe. This document you created feels like a custom suit made from the finest materials available. Blown away truly doesn’t do justice to how I feel. I am beyond impressed, I absolutely love it in every way!”

A.W. Senior Executive, Telecom/Technology

“As soon as I updated my LinkedIn profile, I started getting a significant uptick in traffic and views. Two employers reached out to me, and I’ve had multiple interviews with both. Also, a number of recruiters have been in touch and are on the lookout for more executive opportunities. So, all in all, pretty good for the first few weeks!”

J.D., General Counsel

“Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to thank you for the great executive resume! I have had several talent acquisition and hiring managers comment on how well it was organized and summarized. This week I accepted a new job and will be starting in December. I know I would not have had several interviews and multiple offers had it not been for your help.”

C.R., Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

“Within one month of your creating my executive resume, I have a new position! I sent this resume to three companies and landed three interviews...followed by two job offers. Amazing outcome.”

— C.P., Chief Information Officer (CIO)

“I applied to eight jobs and landed three interviews within 30 days of receiving my new resume and LinkedIn profile! I’m excited to start the next chapter in my career, and couldn’t have done it without Eve’s quality work and insight.”

S.P., Real Estate Professional

Here’s what happened when Eve wrote my executive resume: I received my new document in January, I sent it to a company in February, interviewed with them from March through May, received a job offer in June, and started in July.

This is an amazing success story! I’m grateful for Eve’s expertise, advice, and giving me confidence throughout the process.”

S.S., Senior Vice President, Technology

“I can't thank you enough for your work. The tangible materials are amazing, of course, but it has also been an incredible stabilizing force for my confidence and uncertainty about the future.”

M.M, Senior Executive, Technology

“I just wanted to update you and thank you for your services. I feel like you totally prepared me both in writing and in thinking through how my government service translates to private sector experiences.

I am regularly sharing your information with all who ask how I started the process so I hope you get referrals from it. I am proud to tell them I hired you! It has totally worked out for me as I became eligible to retire on July 18th and retired on the 31st with a job that starts a week from today.

While I know the person I will be working for, the resume you developed and your help in preparation made me fly through the hiring process. I found a great job which exceeded my expectations and I owe the ease of telling my story to my future employer to you!”

G.C., Senior Executive Service, Government-to-Corporate Transition

“Less than two weeks after Eve finalized my resume and LinkedIn package, I landed my first interview ever! This was a after a full year of countless job applications with my previous older resume. I am a new graduate, entering a new field after recently relocating from Europe to the U.S., and Eve’s complete makeover of my resume and other documents made the difference. I finally feel confident when applying for jobs and I’m off and running!

Thank you very much for everything, Eve, you are truly the best. I couldn’t do this without you and your work.”

N.M., Food Quality Professional

“The resume you created helped me secure a competitive, visible, and influential summer/fall MBA associate position overseas for one of the top pharmaceutical companies. I worked alongside high-level executives to develop the strategic direction for two global divisions. This was a very enriching experience on many levels, and it would not have been possible without the resume you created!”

A.N., Biotech/Pharmaceutical Professional

“I can attest to Eve’s amazing talent as a resume writer, she helped me two years ago as I transitioned from my previous career of 24 years. I give her the highest recommendation possible. Just amazing what she can do for your resume from a 30- to 60-minute conversation.”

J.B., Sports Coach to Corporate Executive Transition