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Bold, Authentic & Uniquely Branded

Compelling Resumes, LLC helps executives and professionals stand out from the crowd by infusing energy, clarity, and originality into their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. The result? New and better jobs. Respected board seats. Higher salaries.

Bold, Authentic & Irresistible Resumes

Grab recruiters by the shirtsleeves and make employers sit up in their chairs. The result? More interviews. Better job offers. Higher salaries.

expert, personalized service

I can help you break through career barriers by infusing energy, clarity, and originality into your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Over the past 15 years, I have helped 5,000+ clients land new positions and board seats with Fortune 500, nonprofit, and start-up organizations around the world. Many of my clients secure interviews and job offers within days or weeks of receiving their new resumes. This is quite a feat, particularly since the average search can last up to 12 months, and executive searches often extend twice as long.


I develop resumes and LinkedIn profiles that sound like you, capture attention with the right audiences, and streamline the path to your next position—while increasing your salary at the same time. It’s the deliberate personalization of your documents that makes me different from other resume writers.

Here’s how I know what to do…

Before I became an executive resume writer, I worked for a recruiter. I screened hundreds of resumes each day, for hours at a time. Almost all of them were exactly alike. However, once in a while I came across a resume with a heartbeat. One with energy, authenticity, a real human voice. Every time this happened—every single time—my boss and I stopped what we were doing, printed the document, and talked about it. We were inspired to find opportunities for that person. We immediately called to schedule a meeting.

Now that I’m writing the resumes, it’s my job to make employers and recruiters stop in their tracks. I do it by asking the right questions, distilling information, and drawing on years of experience as a professional resume writer with an affection for great writing. I infuse a touch of personality into your documents so you can land a new position, increase your salary, and be yourself at the same time.

I develop every document individually—thoughtfully—to create a highly customized, razor-sharp presentation. Your bold, original content will give you a competitive edge for job opportunities and salary negotiations.

credentials & industry recognition

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Writing
Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW)  |  Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW)

Received many of the industry’s top honors:

Best Executive Resume, Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award Winner, 1st Place, 2018
Best Finance Resume, TORI Award Winner, 1st Place, 2018
Best Sales Resume, TORI Award Winner, 2nd Place, 2018
Best Information Technology Resume, TORI Award Nomination, Top 5, 2018
Best Hospitality Resume, TORI Award Nomination, Top 5, 2017
Best New Graduate Resume, TORI Award Winner, 1st Place, 2016
Best Executive Resume, TORI Award Winner, 3rd Place, 2016

“You have taken executive resume writing to a new level. I already landed three phone interviews and one in-person interview. I’ve never received this kind of response before.” — R.T.